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Renault Want More Credit For Red Bull Racing Success

Renault Want More Credit For Red Bull Racing Success

I couldn’t help but have a tiny chuckle when I read the interview from Tarares on their partnership with Red Bull. By partnership I mean their engine suppliers.

“We are frustrated by the lack of recognition we get for beating the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes,”

“But part of that problem at least must lie with our global marketing team. It is clear that we must create a bigger buzz around what we do.

“We are world champions. We are able to sell our engines to the teams because of that, but we do not get enough recognition beyond that.”

I agree it is nothing to do with Red Bull. At the end of the day Renault tied themselves into an agreement with Red Bull and it seems Red Bull got the better end of that agreement in terms of “branding” so to speak. It is funny in a way that you hear more about Adrian Newey being the factor behind Red Bull’s success rather than their engine supplier. Personally I think Adrian Newey is the core reason behind the success of the Red Bull’s rather than Renault. In Sebastian Vettel they have one of the greatest F1 drivers around, tie that in with a Newey designed car and you have a recipe for success. I can understand Renault being a bit peeved at the whole situation  but it is what is. Vettel and Newey will continue to get the plaudits rather than Renault for their engines. I can’t see that changing to much in the foreseeable future.

“The relationship with all our teams is warm, emotional even,” he said.

“Frank Williams himself is highly respected within Renault, not just for the championships and races we have won in the past together, but also for his humility and personality.

“Lotus we have historic ties with, through the Enstone operation, while Caterham is our joint venture partner on the Alpine sports car project.

“All three of these teams have a specific link back to Renault, and that counts. Perhaps one day we can reach the same point with Red Bull.”

There is no doubt this all stemmed from “Infinity Red Bull Racing” team name which has completely left Renault out in the cold in terms of the wider public spotlight. It’s up to Renault to enter into a better agreement (bargain harder) which potentially they didn’t have the financial capabilities to take to the table to strike a deal that weighed more heavily in their favor and their brand.


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