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Pre-season Q&A with Lewis Hamilton

As we start pre-season testing in Jerez, we thought we’d hear from Lewis Hamilton about what he’s been up to in the winter months, what his hopes are for the…

  • The LoudAssasin

    Make it 2 world championship’s this year Lewis good luck!!!

  • Marie Hamilton

    Great video:D
    Thanks +MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS & +Lewis Hamilton 

  • bsinctone

    Nice hair dude!!

  • sniktun1

    This is Hamiltons season. Taking mercedes to the pole, developing a car
    fron scratch it’s his best chance. COME ON LEWIS!!!!

  • My_Scuderia

    russian sub pls

  • RenewableButtons – F1 Mods

    Best of luck this year 

  • ItalianSupercars12

    I fancy Hamilton for the championship this year, Mercedes AMG were very
    good in the tests in Jerez and Bahrain, I also think Hulkenberg and Massa
    could have a great season also, cant wait!

  • João Soares

    Someone got a hair transplant…!

  • ZY1052

    Good luck Lewis

  • MinosDaedalus

    I love those cuts with the Mercedes on track. Very artistic. :) 

  • Alex San Lyra

    Go Lewis! Hopefully, Mercedes will have car that’s up to your talent this

  • scousefowler

    C’mon Lewis!! Big season for you lad!

  • MemeChest

    Good Luck Lewis!

  • Frank Munson

    Can’t wait til Austin to hear and see for myself, love this team, beatin
    the bull is easy in austin

  • MSuraev

    0:21 You better keep an eye on this guy, look’s like he’s gonna steal

  • Try N Beat Me

    44 nice number

  • neil b

    this fuckin knob making stupid comments about schumacher shut up and drive
    and crash and die this season in your car or plane hopefully

  • Lewis Hambelton

    Good luck Lewis,you deserve another championship.

  • bumrusherer1985

    That’s a lot of hair….a winning hairstyle

  • tetra3000

    All of Lewis’ previous numbers add up to 44, freaky stuff

  • peeperdog08

    Lewis – hope it happens for you this year.
    Probably wouldn’t bother with F1 if you weren’t on the grid!

  • NeverEndingForest

    Cool haircut Champ ;) 

  • matej019

    He definitely needs a haircut. :D 

  • NeATaNDtURdy

    didn’t know lamar does racing 

  • Jhon Quintero

    Muchísimos éxitos, ojala este año puedan ser los primeros en todo,
    muchísima suerte :D 

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