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Pat Fry Says Ferrari “Have A Reasonable Development Plan Going”

Pat Fry Says Ferrari “Have A Reasonable Development Plan Going”

The development of a Formula 1 car never stops. What intrigued me about a piece I read over at Autosport were a few of the quotes from Pat Fry.

Last year Ferrari had a terrible car to start the season with, it lacked pace, grip and about everything needed to win an F1 race. What it did have however was Fernando Alonso who singled handily through sheer driving mastery kept Ferrari in the hunt.

When you play catch up from that far behind then drawing level especially in F1 is going to be near on impossible.

This year things are different, based on testing they seem to have a package in the F138 which looks capable of competing from the outset.

“We haven’t quite got all the bits here, and there is some stuff coming through,” Fry is quoted as saying by Autosport. It will be challenging testing things at a track that is not used that often, so we have to see. There are more bits coming through for Melbourne, more for Malaysia and a bigger upgrade for China – so we have a reasonable development plan going.”

It seems they have got their a complete treadmill of upgrade packages on the way. They will be no different from any other team especially the front running teams. The only difference is this year they seem to have a good car from the outset.

“We have had some reasonable good results here. We know what is working in the CFD/tunnel is starting to deliver on track so it is a good sign for Melbourne and for our development path through the year.” Read the full interview over at Autosport

They are no doubt feeling way more confident at the start of this season than they did last year.

It leaves me pondering on how competitive Ferrari are going to be and if this is finally the year Alonso brings home that long awaited championship. In an earlier post I made a prediction that I thought Ferrari may be capable of grabbing pole in Melbourne. Either way my gut feeling is telling me they are going to be very competitive this year.

Maybe we might even have the dream scenario of Hamilton and Alonso going head to head in a championship battle, however there are a few other world champions on the grid this year that may have a thing to say about that. (Personally I’m 94.7% sure Vettel will be in the mix) Is anyone else smelling another championship decider in Brazil? Early days I know and nothing will get clearer until Australia.

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