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Renault Want More Credit For Red Bull Racing Success

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I couldn’t help but have a tiny chuckle when I read the interview from Tarares on their partnership with Red Bull. By partnership I mean their engine suppliers. “We are frustrated by the lack of recognition we get for beating the likes of Ferrari and Mercedes,” “But part of that problem at least must lie with our global marketing team. It is clear that we must create a bigger buzz around what we do. “We are world champions. We are able to sell our engines to the teams because of that, but we do not get enough recognition beyond that.” ... Read More »

F1ed Daily News Recap – 7th March 2013

F1ed news recap

Here is a daily recap of the Formula 1 news that we found most interesting today… 2013 F1® Live Timing and Track Positioning F1® released their official live timing and track positioning app today. It is available for all major smart phones. Ferrari are confident with the race package they are bringing to the Australian Grand Prix There seems to be a lot of postivie noises being made from the Ferrari garage at the moment, a complete turnaround compared to this time last year Marussia are still in negotiations with Bernie Ecclestone Interesting news that Marussia are still ... Read More »

Jenson Button Gives His Thoughts On The MP4-28

Mclaren MP4-28

There is a quite interesting take from Jenson Button on the new McLaren MP4-28, a car which is a complete new concept car rather than an evolution of last years car. The majority of teams this season have opted to evolve their 2012 cars however McLaren have went the other way and opted for a complete new design. Jenson Button said When we came into the season we wanted to build a car that would be strong throughout the year, and that’s why we have made so many changes to the way the car looks. The reason being is that ... Read More »

F1ed Daily Recap – Williams sends condolences after death of Chavez

F1ed news recap

A list of the top Formula 1 news, stories and interviews that circulated the inter-web today F1ed reports on rumors of double DRS zone: There is a lot of talking going on about whether every track bar 2 (Monaco & Suzuki) will have a double DRS zone Williams sends condolences after death of Chavez: The Williams F1 team today released a statement sending its condolences to the Venezuela people of the death of the president, Hugo Chavez Maldonado hopes for a victory challenge: Pastor Maldonado is feeling confident ahead of the 2013 season. This year he believes Williams ... Read More »

F1 Rumor Mill – 2013 Season Set To Have 2 DRS Zones Per Track?

F1ed rumor image

There is a rumor currently doing the rounds that surfaced from German “auto moter und sport“  magazine that the 2013 F1 season is set to have 2 DRS zones. I can’t say whether it is true or not but again time will tell. My opinions on the potential of having 2 DRS zones are in the, “is it really necessary” category. Some circuits by all means yes, definitely put 2 DRS zones in there. However my main fear is F1 action at its rawest and most exciting is watching drivers hold their nerve and go for it on corners. It’s ... Read More »

Fernando Alonso Is Hoping For A Podium Finish In Australia

fernando alonso picture

Interesting interview from Fernando Alonso who has cooled any pole position talk for Ferrari says he expects either McLaren or Red Bull to be challenging for the pole on the opening race day of the season. The funny ol’ thing about Formula 1 is you never really know the truth about anything in the lead up to the first Grand Prix of the season. Testing is often a game of smoke and mirrors with no team ever revealing their real hand. I personally think the Ferrari looked very strong in qualifying and with a number of upgrades already planned (as ... Read More »

McLaren Switching To Honda In 2014? – Whitmarsh Says No

McLaren Honda MP4-7

You have to love the rumor treadmill in Formula 1, especially the fact that nothing is ever really as it seems. Yesterday rumors were rife that McLaren were going to switch engine providers and move to Honda for the 2014 season when F1 cars will make make the move to the 1.6-litre V6 turbo engines. Martin Whitmarsh however has moved to cool that speculation by stating What I can tell you is we have a contract with long standing partner Mercedes-Benz, for 2103,2014 and 2015. So we have a contact, they’re our partners and we’re going to try and win ... Read More »

Pat Fry Says Ferrari “Have A Reasonable Development Plan Going”

ferrari development

The development of a Formula 1 car never stops. What intrigued me about a piece I read over at Autosport were a few of the quotes from Pat Fry. Last year Ferrari had a terrible car to start the season with, it lacked pace, grip and about everything needed to win an F1 race. What it did have however was Fernando Alonso who singled handily through sheer driving mastery kept Ferrari in the hunt. When you play catch up from that far behind then drawing level especially in F1 is going to be near on impossible. This year things are ... Read More »

Sebastian Vettel – “We Have Never Had A Winter That Was Less Conclusive”

Sebastian Vettel

They are the exact words that came from the triple world champion. In an interview with Sky Sports F1, Sebastian Vettel said We have never had a winter that was less conclusive than this one. Tyres last, if anything, one lap – for some people it may be different than others depending on how much temperature you’re able to create – so I think it’s impossible to read the pace of the car and therefore to make out the favourites. I think it’s not easy but we will know in Australia. This really re-confirms some of the statements we made ... Read More »

Why The 2013 F1 Season Will Be Compelling

f1ed starting lights

I don’t think winter testing in Formula One ever paints a true picture, in-fact let me re-phrase that, winter testing doesn’t paint any kind of picture of what we can expect during the season. Due to a number of reasons such as fuel loads, testing different parts, setups, tyres, track conditions, the list can go on. However watching testing has led me to assess a couple of points that we can takeaway from the past 5-6 weeks. Pirelli Tyres (Tires For Our American readers) – I have to start at the tyres. Last year Sergio Perez was one of the ... Read More »

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