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Montreal: On Board with Lewis Hamilton in the F1 Simulator!

Lewis Hamilton guides us through a lap of the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve – home to the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix – in the Formula One simulator. The seventh ep…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Buckmore Park 1998 – JICA class – watch that incredible Hamilton racing instinct at work as he dispatches the entire field to win in style!
Video Rating: 4 / 5


    +Lewis Hamilton guides us through a lap of the Circuit Gilles-Villeneuve –
    home to the 2014 Canadian Grand Prix – in the #F1 simulator. The seventh
    episode of a brand new race preview series from +PETRONASMotorsports, watch
    out for more throughout the 2014 season!

  • FluppiLP

    That’s definitely not a wall of champions

    It’s not a wall of champions just because Villeneuve once finished his race
    in it.
    Because then we would have quite a lot wall of champions around the

  • Son of a Zombie

    Love to know how the sim feels! Especially the braking! Something tells me
    it is much more realistic than the Gran Turismo game series. 

  • aKristo

    Love Mercedes, Love AMG, hate this cunt though, hope he spins out and comes
    last on one of his fav tracks. ( Don’t want him to get hurt though! ) but
    hope the little rat fails. LET THE BANTER BEGIN LOL also, go Rosberg!

  • Rory Mitchell

    I swear Lewis changes hats more than Vettel changes helmets these days. 

  • Jackyflatter

    Do you actually have an 8th gear in your simulator? Lewis is on the rev
    limiter in 7th and does not shift up on the backstraight. Can you tell us
    more, please?

    Tobi | JackyflatterLP

  • Michael C

    I cannot express how much we all want you to beat Nico!

  • gregor00005

    Where can i download this game?

  • shady nakhle

    Not a very good sim. A: we dont want to look at his head B: we dont want to
    hear his bullshit.C: we want to see a lap of Montreal. A professional
    driver that cant hack losing. Redbull sim is way more advanvced than the
    mercs look up daniel riccardos simulator. Go redbull and I dont mind nico
    just hate lewis and his pretty little earrings 

  • x420Raptor1

    Lets go, this is Hamiltons circuit, time to blitz everyone and leave Nico
    eating exhaust fumes

  • dylan seligman

    Can u buy those kind of jackets?

  • Carolina Lourido

    Muy Bueno, excelente!!!

  • modesto vargas

    F1 has become a sissy sport..f1 needs me in the a Modesto Vargas a selfish
    assain racer ala Jean Alesi Ayrton Senna type racer…

  • Techno98Rocker


  • wallymille berrymille

    Be there, in Canada, tomorrow at the Montreal F1 Grand Prix

  • txAFRICA Network
  • tokenride04

    i like his hats, hate the gap created when his tiny skull cant fill them

  • Gabry D’Agostino

    i love that cap !! i want it!! 

  • Fleshy Pink

    Why does HAM always try to talk and act gangster? You have a british
    accent… that will never happen.

  • Mercedes-Benz Motorsport

    “Auf dieser Strecke muss man aggressiv sein, das liegt meinem #Fahrstil”,
    sagt +MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS-Pilot +Lewis Hamilton über den Circuit
    Gilles-Villeneuve. Folgt Lewis und lasst euch auf eine virtuelle Runde im
    hochmodernen #Simulator mitnehmen.


    “It’s a circuit where you have to be very aggressive and this suits my
    style”, says MERCEDES AMG PETRONAS driver Lewis #Hamilton about #Montreal.
    Join him on a virtual lap of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve in the team’s
    state-of-the-art simulator.

    #F1 #Mercedes #MercedesBenz #Motorsport #AMG #Petronas #Racing #SilverArrows
    #Silberpfeile #TrackPreview #TheMontREALdeal

  • mudz112

    Love that cap. This guy is awesome, needs to release his own collection.

  • pagatron

    Cool vid, one question on the steering wheel display what are the two
    gauges on the left and right?

  • JackLeslieF1

    Montreal track guide in the Mercedes simulator with Lewis Hamilton Montreal:
    On Board with Lewis Hamilton in the F1 Simulator! #F1 

  • Selmerpilot

    Another proper clock cleaning brought to the field by W05.

  • MrMilli

    I’m surprised of how bad the frame rate is. Seems to be around 20-25 FPS. I
    would have expected a bit better from Mercedes’ high-end simulator.

  • Surendran Ramachandran

    such a shame he left McLaren

  • gabby adams

    I never knew Lewis was a kart racer before F1

  • riddley39

    Lewis makes me feel like a waste of space!lool. Fuck have I achieved
    compared to him!lool
    Excuse me while I go jump out the window I’m wasting you lots oxygen

  • Will W

    nothing like constant fresh rubber and engines tho, taking nothing away
    from Hamilton, he is a great driver. 

  • joetri10

    So, he got 2nd from the back, and then got given 1st.

  • ZayFai

    “I feel like I will see you in F1. Good Luck young man” Hmmmmm, fortune
    teller or TV reporter?

  • Charlesburg78

    I would like to point out that they all had fresh rubber!! You get a new
    set on Sunday morning(race day) and they last the day. And everyone at that
    level would also have a nice fresh engine!!

  • Dante666se

    From 9 karts.. Seen it many times from a lot bigger fields! But yes he’s a
    great driver!

  • Charlotte Hill

    Ohh… his f1 car number is 44 too … now i know where he got this year’s

  • fladave99

    Do you like working with your dad. Yea, since he has a job.

  • anth00000

    He speaks in the same manner 16 years on! I’m not particularly fond of LH
    but I enjoyed watching this. Now I know he chose number 44 for this Silver

  • Teo Grehan

    Is Hamo’s dad Tiger Woods?

  • 4G63PWR

    Air cooled direct drive 100cc :( I had one of those <3

  • Alexander Est

    1:45 hairs on my neck when he said that.

  • jonavuka

    no items used? where are the bananas, green turtles, red turtles,
    lightening bolts and invincible stars?

  • Jack Lawton

    No was 7th

  • 4G63PWR

    Such a nice kid.

  • shadmonk

    hamilton wears number 44 again on his F1 car for 2014

  • bcove90

    weird that these are automatics

  • FormosaLynx Akira

    Who is the 9 ?

  • Andy MacNab

    From this vid you can see his skill, aggression and desire to win… True

  • Neil Salani


  • SampleDanteDig0

    I knew this was Buckmore Park :) I’ve been there :D 

  • Matthew Newbury

    This is why Hamilton is my favorite F1 driver.

  • Mariyadas Joseph

    05:41 great……

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