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Lewis Hamilton’s Emotional Interview After Winning His Second F1 World Championship

Lewis Hamilton says claiming his second world championship “doesn’t feel real” after winning the season finale at Abu Dhabi. Hamilton says he “felt really co…
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Lewis Hamilton’s family celebrate after the British driver claimed his second world championship at the season-ending Abu Dhabi Grand Prix. Hamilton’s father…

  • will morgan

    Over hyped. Its the car that matters not the driver.
    Also if his car broke down in Dubai instead of Rosberg’s the title would
    have gone to Rosberg and not him.
    Its like interviewing someone who won the lottery. Oh wow you won the
    lottery, well done your great.
    That being said Lewis is a top driver but if all drivers had the same car
    in the championship then probably he would not have won it. 

  • June smith

    I think that the press is trying to undermine Hamilton .They would prefer
    if Hamilton was a blonde hair blue eyed boy like Button, and then they
    would not mention anything about his being a tax exile.I mean they dont’
    say anything about the David Beckham, Rory Mclroy,Andy Murray and 100000 of
    other British Athletes, singers, actors , business men and women and other
    celebrities who have homes abroad and don’t stay long in the Uk. If you
    don’t believe me then take a look at the book WHO IS WHO , and do a search
    into the amount of British celebrities, singer and actors who live abroad
    to minimize their tax.The press say nothing about these people before they
    go up to receive their awards at the BAFATAS, The Oscars, The Brits music
    awards.The FA awards and of course the BBC Sports personality.But all of a
    sudden Hamilton is picked on because he is a tax exile, and you know its
    because Hamilton is black because they don’t pick on the other stars and
    celebrities tax exile status do they. On the subject of Hamilton being a
    tax exile he has already stated he pays millions in tax not only to this
    country but to the other 19 countries that he races in and he earns an
    income from.Moreover Hamilton is part of a team which employs over 1000
    people, many of whom are british and work in the Mercedes factory in the
    Uk.Hamilton brings excitement, world wide interest and big sponsors to
    formula one.For example, recently the company HUGO BOSS have stopped
    sponsoring the Mclaren team and have moved over to the more successful
    Mercedes team, and that is partly down to the success of Hamilton being the
    world champion. So people please lay of Hamilton.Without Hamilton a lot of
    the excitement and interest would die and the sport would become very
    boring to watch.Whatever you think about Hamilton you cant deny he is
    always exciting to watch.Its just that certain parts of the media and
    newspapers wish he were white like me.I think that

  • iiDeXtErItYii

    Nico got robbed

  • nightscene18

    2 times championship good enough for brits? LOL

  • brann73


  • ragiiofficial

    He’s gonna get treated nicely tonight by Nicole Scherzinger… 

  • Jia Normanton

    A worthy double world champion in my eyes. For sure Rosberg kept him on his
    toes but when it came down to the side by side racing Rosberg had no answer
    for Hamilton

  • Origins686720

    He’s on a level that surpasses the medeocrity out there in f1, that was
    very evident from the start of his f1 career! What is bizarre is the amount
    of bullshit that scuppered his previous attempts at f1 glory. Almost looked
    scripted like everyone else had to have they’re time before him! 

  • Manusia Ganteng

    He’s the epitome of modern drivers, no personality, all superficial fluff
    and really, quite boring. Great talent, sure, but even compared to the
    generation of Coulthard, Schumacher and Hakkinen, F1 has now become filled
    with robots for drivers.

  • Benjamin Igwe

    I’d love to have seen Alonso battle it out with Hamilton in the other
    Mercedes instead of Rosberg.

  • Christopher Penrose

    How did he get robbed ?

  • Marc Antoni

    Nico deserved the title. Lewis complained about the team, teammate, always
    unsatisfied. Nico had significant problems during two races, including the
    last. The Mercedes had no competitors in the world championship, it was
    very easy to Lewis.

  • maxi schubernigg

    Will Morgan you have no idea what you tell us!
    It’ a clomplete nonsense!
    Why is alonso a lot of better than raikkönen?
    Or Ricciardo better than vettel?
    Lewis is a top driver!

  • Jamie Croxford

    Lewis all the coments are from me and your a cool racer from Anierun john

  • jraybay

    Well deserved title, it’s shocking what kind of nonsense the haters come up
    with to try and discredit Lewis.


  • Thembekile Vokwana

    Champ you make me tear up. I am TRULY HAPPY that you made 2014 the BEST of
    my life. You are an AMAZING.

  • endyouoff

    Why everyone trying to forget how many times Hamilton’s car was all screwed
    up and down right caught on fire once, brakes fucking exploding. If not for
    that stuff he might very well had won 13 races and then even double points
    couldn’t keep nico in contention. 11 race wins ,did he finish second from
    the pit lane once? 

  • Graham Hoff

    the only worry hamilton has got next year is that his helmet fits his head
    he may be a legend here but he is no Michael Schumacher and never will be
    schu won races in cars that should not have done and as far as damon hill
    goes he had the best car with williams for five years and only won it twice

  • Jamie Croxford

    Lewis how many times have you won formula …

  • Anmol Behl

    what happened with nico, had that happened to him, he’d be blaming luck
    instead of accpeting nicos competence. Nico is a better sportsman than
    lewis no doubt

  • utubedano

    He is trying to hold back tears… :)
    Thumbs up!

  • Jamie Croxford

    Lewis when is it your birthday…

  • BeanymanSports
  • Maia Pearl A.V.

    World champ.!!! and a beautiful Nicole on the sidelines. x

  • dave smith


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