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Lewis Hamilton Tribute – The Story So Far

This is a tribute of Lewis Hamilton , I believe is the current best F1 driver . The spiritual son of the Legend Ayrton Senna . This video sums up pretty much…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • XelferefleX


  • Franken poopypants

    awesome video

  • Theo Parkinson

    It’s hard to say if he did. I’m not 100% sure that he actually pulled over.
    Glock was on the wrong tires and was slow all lap. His final sector was the
    fastest of the lap compared to Vettel and Hamilton.

  • Bobby Bobson

    Fan boy? Sounds like someone is upset i didn’t put Lewis in the team go
    fuck yourself.

  • Washington94500

    Fan boy get a fucking life

  • Fabio Terzi

    alonso always tell that the problem in 2007 was not with lewis but whit the
    team (dennis).. wold be fantastic a team whit alonso and lewis!

  • Bobby Bobson

    I miss proper formula one drivers like Senna, Hakkinen, Schumacher, Berger,
    Alesi etc now we have stupid little moaning kids like Hamilton and Vettel
    who think they are great. Vettel is better than Hamilton but if these guys
    drove in the 80s they would be shown up so badly. Plus will people that
    Hamilton is the only man who can beat Vettel, if you think Hamilton is as
    good as Vettel you are fucking dreaming.

  • Bobby Bobson

    Kimi and Alonso would trash that team,

  • João Matos

    1:52 wow

  • Billy yu

    fuck button

  • Shauna Wang

    I was working for F1 and knew abt the results first hand. Altho I don
    really know abt F1, I remembered Hamilton kinda as a representative of F1
    previously. It was sadddd.

  • Jesús Castejón


  • petecockcroft

    Days long gone. Whatever you think of Lewis – he’s basically thrown his
    talent down the drain. Simply by being un-focussed – he took the best car
    on the grid and has demonstrated that if your mind isn’t on the job , then
    you won’t succeed. Bad news for anyone that placed a bet on him to win this
    year. Bad news for Mercedes – who thought they were signing a real driver
    with determination. The jet , the dog , the stupid girlfriend , the singing
    career , family squabbles. Senna would have laughed.

  • Simona AN

    *Today’s Memory*

    *Happy Birthday +Lewis Hamilton!*
    *born January 7, 1985*

    Lewis Carl Davidson Hamilton, MBE is a British *Formula One* racing driver
    from England, currently racing for the Mercedes AMG team. He is the 2008
    Formula One World Champion.
    *More on:* http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Lewis_Hamilton


  • DeathAngel297

    your welcome ;)

  • bruisermist

    lobto a ver si hay suerte y te mueres sufriendo como el mayor hijo de puta
    que existe!! tu puta madre debio abortar!!! aqui os espero lobatianos!!! :P

  • DeathAngel297

    Beautiful video ! greetings !

  • David Villa



    I’m starting to really like Hamilton and really hate Alonso…

  • TheJR ComedyGamer

    People Underestamate Hamilton… After all…He Is A World Champion….I
    Mean Even The Lowerclass Teams Have Got To Be Well Equiped And Fit…Could
    You Drive And Win In An F1 Car? Probably Not. Hamilton Is The Reason

  • HitMeQuick

    Update to the Hamilton story. Tyre puncture hands the title to Vettel
    again. Vettel wins championship by having the best all round car, rather
    than any appreciably better driving skills and showing a selfishness with
    team orders a six year old would be proud of. Why anybody watches this shit
    anymore is mind boggling

  • Gnadalf the Gray

    Button = best team

  • Pato Sheridan

    I love how agressive he is, definitely a legend,

  • Michael Roberts

    You my friend, just spoke the truth and summed up hamilton in a bombshell.
    An exciting racer who keeps the sport interesting.

  • JohnTocky

    Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso are NOW the best drivers of Formula 1.

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