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Lewis Hamilton & Tony Stewart – Seat Swap Special F1 & NASCAR at Watkins Glen [Full Footage]

Lewis Hamilton & Tony Stewart – Seat Swap Special F1 & NASCAR at Watkins Glen © Copyright 2011 SPEED Channel Inc.
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  • Noah Anthony

    This was in 2011
    4 years from 2011 is 2015
    Juan Pablo Montoya joined Nascar 4 years from the swap with Jeff Gordon
    Hamilton in Nascar 2015 Confirmed

  • Christopher Parsaud

    Can everyone just stop fighting about F1 and NASCAR? It’s like saying Xbox
    is much better than Playstation

  • CultOfRevan98

    It does irritate me when Americans act like “stick-shifting” is so
    difficult. Just because most cars in America are automatic doesn’t mean
    that people in other countries who race with flappy-paddle gearboxes can’t
    use them properly. I would even argue some are better, since in European
    countries, a large proportion of cars are manuals/stick-shifts.

  • Jerry Yawning

    Nascar…. driving in a circle (hey look! They`re making another left

    F1: racing at its best.

  • Gravity

    “They’ll use the curbing a lot of time to make the car turn”… Instant

  • AMV12S

    F1 dies when Ayrton Senna died.
    Nascar is better.

  • Lee Butterworth

    It’s amazing how different these series are. F1 is a massive technology
    showcase, testing the limits of what’s possible, until the rules inevitably
    change to slow it down.
    But NASCAR, man, the speeds those guys achieve, and consistently, when
    you’re as bare bones as possible, lots of power, low grip, low tech,
    alright, so they only turn left in a normal race (and their suspension is
    tuned to support this), but they’ll do it 200 times with their car inches
    from the guy in front, while the guy behind is doing the same.
    I think both series are amazing.

  • Chase VanDuyne

    1:47 Their walking out like their pissin in their pants

  • Matthew Butcher

    I love this…I grew up on NASCAR, the massive V8, rumbling around Daytona
    sounding like a swarm of angry wasps…The 43 car field all different
    colors. The “big one” watching the cars go up in smoke, flipping over and
    over. Pure chaos and pageantry.

    Just started following F1 Monaco 2013, those V8s screaming around the
    streets of Monaco, on the edge of human capabilities and
    engineering…millimeters from the walls, going through the tunnel at over
    170mph. 22 of the greatest drivers in the world attempting to tame the most
    sophisticated machines on the planet. Pure speed and excitement!

    So hearing people argue over which is “better” is hard to watch. Both are
    amazingly fun.

    If you’ve never had the chance to watch a NASCAR race and you’re from
    Europe, come on over some time…we’ll go, take a cooler of ice cold beer
    and grill out some BBQ and enjoy the fun!

    I’d love to go to Silverstone one of these days, one of the oldest circuits
    on the schedule, and one of the fastest. Maybe hit up a local pub and catch
    a West Ham match while I’m at it!


  • Bruce Wayne

    I’m an F1 guy.
    Too bad NASCAR doesn’t have more races outside the oval. I get they’re set
    up for the long left, but Watkins Glen and Infineon make the stuff fun to
    watch. More road course racing guys!

  • fusionstar916

    Stewart killed a guy. 1-0 stewart.

  • brad3000

    I just dont understand why F1 fans and NASCAR fans cant get along. I’m a
    fan of both racing series. NASCAR (for example Petty, Earnhardt, Gordon,
    Stewart, or Allison) and Formula 1 (for example Rosberg, Vettel, Hamilton,
    Alonso, Senna, or Schumacher) both have world class drivers, that all fully
    deserving or respect and admiration. Both racing series have even shared
    drivers, such as Jacques Villeneuve, Juan Pablo Montoya, Mariol Andretti
    (who has won at both Daytona and Monaco), or Nelson Piquet. Cant we just
    get along and just enjoy some really good, fast racing with the best
    drivers in the world?

  • berzu21

    nascar is peasant sport, F1 MASTER RACE FTW

  • Xirage Faith

    No matter what Motorsport we’re looking at. F1, Nascar, V8, WRC, GT, all
    racing gives us the excitement. People should put down differences and just
    enjoy them all 

  • blue n gold 34

    Guys can we pls stop bashing each other? NASCAR isnt about stupid rednecks
    going around in circles for 400+ laps and F1 about rich faggots spending
    hundreds of millions of dollars to develop race cars that doesnt know the
    word “passing”. Both sports are unique and cool in its on way. NASCAR is
    all about endurance and adaptability. Going 400+ laps while consistently
    going 200 mph is not easy. F1 on the other hand is about pushing the limits
    of automotive technology to the max and going REAL fast on corners which
    other race cars needs to slow down. As a big fan of both sport, i really
    think fans of NASCAR and F1 should respect each other rather than vice
    versa cause at the end of the day whether you are a NASCAR, F1 or both fan
    of the sport we all have one thing in common. We love the scent of burning
    rubber and fuel and ofcourse VERY FAST cars! PEACE EVERYONE :) )

  • PROTEK123

    Makes me laugh that posts like this always turn into a “mines bigger than
    yours ” argument , Cant people just except this for what it is ? 2 World
    class drivers from different backgrounds having a bit of fun. As Lewis
    said they are both chasing the same end result. Grow up everyone from both
    side of the pond .. lives too short

  • Leandro Fernandinho


    Commentator 1 = Here we go the start of a new season

    Commentator 2 = Exciting to be here the atmosphere’s great the drivers are
    ready the crowd are ready lets get this show on the road

    Commentator 1 = and here we go start of the race there off flying towards
    the first corner they go LEFT and LEFT again another LEFT this is a tricky
    corner here ITS A LEFT.

    Commentator 2 = it’s riveting stuff this

    Commentator 1 = indeed it is jus another 500 laps going in a circle I can’t
    take my eyes of this

    This doesn’t even compare to F1

    Trust those Yanks to come up with their own sports coz their shit at every
    other sport.

  • Thom K

    You know something? It’d be interesting to see the whole sport of Formula
    One come to this track and see what they make of it. It’s just as
    twisty-turny as any other F1 track by the looks of things.

  • Nikolay Tsonev

    Hamilton’s Zonda R is so much faster and better than this ugly piece of

  • Chase VanDuyne

    COMMENT for F1

  • Michael John

    im sure tony wanted to swap more than just cars……….. he was hoping
    hamilton rode him like a 10 cent hooker

  • Tommy Fletcher

    That was the most beautiful F1 car I’ve ever seen. And I feel the V8′s made
    the best noise, too. Absolutely delicious. 

  • Ryan Morrison

    6:39, he calls the car the MP243


    MP4-23, you dose.

  • TheMcSqueakers

    How did they fit Tony Stewart’s fat ass in the McLaren?

  • Dante hollow

    I think the biggest difference between F1 and NASCAR is aerodynamic 

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