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Lewis Hamilton – Interview (The Jonathan Ross Show – 3rd September 2011)

http://www.pcdworld.co.uk/ The F1 bits are cut out to prevent YouTube from blocking it worldwide.

  • p123

    He’s tiny!

  • MyHottpink

    Damn he fine!!!… he could drive this!!

  • Tyler Durden

    I was in the same year as Lewis at school. He got expelled in the last year
    for getting in a fight. He’s a cocky little shit. 

  • massimo dentale


  • Chris Ryan

    I was committed to a porcupine once

  • badman4511

    Good Lad

  • vacomments

    Good whiskey… it bubbles and everything.

  • Kigoz4Life

    saw him coming out of a hotel in London last summer. I was the only one
    there. epic shit :) got a video of it on my chanel!

  • DriftK13

    Or the funniest, you humourless prune.

  • dwildkat

    Great point!…whoever calls him stupid must think himself better than
    Hamilton. Lol that thought alone makes me laugh.

  • arrayOFpossibilities


  • mazhar rehman

    Charming, talented, goodlooking. Be a good match for Chyrel Cole.

  • Amar Mostefaoui


  • ivorytower84

    jesus, lewis hamilton is one helluva boring fucker! he’s one seriously dull
    fella. jenson is a much cooler guy

  • goodled

    us? no mate were different im not a racist

  • MotorsportMidget31

    Button’s more mature. Hamilton’s always saying stupid stuff on Twitter and
    breaking and making up with Nicole. And when was the last time Button got
    penalized for his driving compared to Lewis.

  • Desetfox QAZ

    Sure….Because F1 is all about money…who gives a fuck about those little
    things called titles right??? It looks like a “Barrichello” way of
    though….Mercedes car is the same as the 2010 car always running in the
    middle they didn’t move one inch forward or back while Mclaren is always on
    the edge with Red Bull and Alonso’s Ferrari…I don t give flying fuck
    about it’s ethnicity…I called him a hip hop gangsta because all he thinks
    is about good looks good style and partys instead of driving

  • FormEEh Ohyeah

    Lewis is DELISH! YUM!

  • Karl Wolfenburg

    true. But he mainly hates stupid questions, like: “are you happy to win” or
    “why did you crash” ….

  • KrSe94


  • Desetfox QAZ

    I understand what you mean…from my point of view he should’ve done like
    Senna leaving Mclaren when it was going down…just look at
    Alonso…instead of going to Ferrari after he left Mclaren he went straight
    back to Renault…can you imagine in 2008 the car that Massa had in
    Alonso’s hands? well he abandoned Renault and gone to Ferrari when Ferrari
    was going down..and now? 3 years of a really bad car…Hamilton has a lot
    of years of F1 to come he could’ve stayed at Mclaren a little longer

  • bmk139

    Nah, I noticed back in May this year (around time of Monaco GP In think)
    when I started following Nando, noticed him & Lewis were following each
    other and noticed Jenson was no longer following Lewis. I only use twitter
    a handful of times a year, follow about 15 people so I know who follows who :)

  • Chriselle Leeds

    hear hear…

  • AcctNo4

    You’re from the UK, and can’t even support a fellow Brit? Fuck you to hell!

  • Hung Tran

    @showmethemoney1975 You have no idea what you are talking about dude, if
    you know anything about theo Walcott you would know that it’s a running
    jokes. Theo always got mistaken for Lewis and he hates it. It’s ppl like
    you that racism still exists, so before you call ppl names look in the
    mirror and notice how a “cuntball” you are first. Twatface.

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