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Lewis Hamilton: An Unauthorized Story

From the days when his father would take him to watch Formula One greats Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost, Lewis Hamilton dreamed of joining the ranks of his racing heroes. This he eventually did;…

  • Lewis Hamilton

    Thank you :D We hope he will be the next year’s champion

  • Lewis Hamilton


  • Becky sampson

    Champ the best!

  • fernando garzon

    Exelent, lewis is the best

  • Diplomatic Immunity

    Lewis, we all know you are the best, even your haters. Too bad the racist
    FIA never wants to see a black man become the greatest of all time. Don’t
    worry, Vettel is more Schumacheresque. Lewis you have the spirit of Ayrton
    Senna. God Bless, best wishes in 2014 and beyond!

  • HamiltonButton

    Go Lewis!!!

  • Mikinen B.

    Király a videó!Nagy Lewis rajongó vagyok!!

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