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GP2 2006 Istanbul Race 2 [FULL RACE] – Lewis Hamilton Amazing Race

GP2 2006 Istanbul Race 2 [FULL RACE] – Lewis Hamilton Amazing Race

GP2 2006 Istanbul Race 2 [FULL RACE] - Lewis Hamilton Amazing Race

Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • Carlitox b

    Vettel = acurrate fast driver, irrevernt
    Raikonen= fastest driver of modern f1
    Alonso = complete driver, probably the best f1 driver
    Luis hamilton= a very talented and crazy driver that makes me turn the tv
    on and watch f1, you never know what he is gonna do, he is the real show of
    f1, the best overtaker, the emotion of the f1 

  • 2_iLoveRacingHD

    This is just incredible. Thanks for the uploading :D 

  • Bruno Nascimento

    Sensacional essa corrida, me lembra muito Ayrton Senna esse cara.


    f1 needs istanbul

  • Sol ve

    Glock and PK where having play ground fight until Lewis got involved and
    say you two are too slow just stay where you r. 

  • Jim Gardner

    Classic GP2: Lewis spins out early on and makes it up to 10th place by lap
    14 of 23. You’ll never believe what happens next.

  • Lyle Clarke

    And this is why I have a Lewis Hamilton canvas on my wall.

  • Sol ve

    Who the hl is this guy? 

  • Lyle Clarke

    7:10, brilliant reactions, and the way he carried the momentum of the spin
    by keeping the wheel left to gave a good 360 spin rather than trying to
    save it.

  • SmokerFace12

    8:02 king of the late brakers

  • Kingsley Ndam

    i miss the istanbul circuit

  • Nicholas Enston

    Stunning display!

  • Dário Barreiro

    This is Nico Rosberg’s worse nightmare! 

  • jraybay

    When Lewis is on his best day and he’s determined I think he is the best
    pilot in the world currently. I always feel like if you make a racing field
    with Lewis in it and put every pilot in an identical car with the same
    color helmet, same fire suit and gloves and the same color car, you could
    still pick out Lewis Hamilton from the field. He races with his instinct…
    He races with his heart. LEWIS YES!

  • don lijez

    It’s like he’s lapping back markers

  • Roosevelt Davis

    Damn!!!! What a driver!

  • JontieDesario

    Makes me wish F1 didn’t have tyre protecting and fuel saving, would love to
    see Hamilton be able to drive like this again

  • BroDoYouEvenBro

    3:30 “shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhiiiiiit”

  • 484berkshire

    I loved all the jabs the commentators were taking at F1.

  • Casey Ephraim
  • Mohamed Amine Rezgui

    Lewis #RESPECT 


    Maximum Attack 

  • UberAntisocialist

    Smashing stuff! And except for the Turn 1 incident with Filippi, everyone
    seemed to respect his competitor and give enough room. Carroll, Glock,
    Hamilton, Piquet, Viso; even Yoshimoto. Easily one of the best races I’ve
    ever seen in ANY category.

    Thanks for uploading.

  • Bryteraven


  • Jay B

    Never watched a GP2 race, but i been an F1 fan for many years. Hamilton is
    one of the best. And if it wasn’t for his bad luck, (mechanical failures in
    Australia and Canada) he would be currently leading the world championship.
    And i think he will be champion by the end this year. 

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