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Giedo van der Garde Eager To Get Started

Giedo van der Garde Eager To Get Started

One of the new rookies in F1 this season is Giedo Van Der Garde and he is counting down seconds to the season getting under way in Australia.

Over the season, I know Spa is going to be a great race as it’s so close to home, but for me the most exciting moment of 2013 will be when the lights go out in Melbourne and everything I’ve dreamed of for so long comes true. I’ve worked hard all winter and in the tests to prepare myself and I’m ready, physically and mentally. Read the full interview here

Out if all the rookie this year Giedo Van Der Garde is by far the oldest and seems delighted that he has finally got his shot in F1.

It going to be very interesting to see how he progress throughout the season, I suppose the best he can hope for is to not make any headlines by doing something wreck-less, no doubt there will be some races this season with many retirements or incidents and who knows he may even score the first point for Caterham.

I’m of no doubt that he is going to love every moment, 27 years old and finally getting a shot in Formula 1. The races between the back markers can be just as exciting as those as the front of the grid. Ferrari Vrs Red Bull, Caterham Vrs Marussia – it’s all about the racing.

Good luck Giedo van der Garde and welcome to Formula 1 :-)


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