Tuesday, July 25, 2017
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Formula 1 – Lewis Hamilton – End of an Era

Formula 1 – Lewis Hamilton – End of an Era

The Greatest memories with Lewis Hamilton in McLaren (2007 – 2012) GOOD LUCK in Mercedes for 2013 Lewis.
Video Rating: 4 / 5

Lewis Hamilton V Ali A - Head to Head on Vesaro Racing simulators

Vesaro headed to Le Mans Moto GP and setup some fierce head to head racing action with two Vesaro Triple Display racing simulators. the Monster Energy rig pl…
Video Rating: 4 / 5

  • giantstefan01

    At 3:25 I always get goosebumps everytime I watch this.

  • Nick Majdalani

    What and you are charlie you even bigger cock

  • Nick Majdalani

    Hamilton !!!WHAT A COCK !!!!

  • Aleksandar Kamarov

    Hamilton is really god driver. :) 

  • Charlie Snowball

    Its rather obvious that you’re not the real Hamilton you COCK.

  • Nicholas Navas

    Hamilton is definitely one of the best

  • t3hrasterbator

    Hold up: ESPN cares about auto racing again? that’s the Return of an Era right there.

  • 333alexM


  • Xehanor

    He so deserves more than just one title, and hopefully Mercedes can give him that elusive second championship one day…

  • Erik Carmel

    He is the best,and that’s all there is to it… even though I know Sebastian is also very,very good…

  • Erik Carmel

    With the help of Mercedes he is going to be Nº1

  • Amer Hrkic

    Thanks for the name of the song :)

  • Alan Foster

    The name of the song is called (wonderman) ft. Ellie Goulding and Tinie Tempah

  • Alan Foster

    I loved the 2008 formula 1 world championship it was one of the most enjoyable years of formula one in all the years of watching it Lewis Hamilton you are a Legend and a joy to watch

  • kkurzeid

    And he can openly criticize the car which Mclaren won’t allow him to do

  • Joe Edwards

    It’s proven to be the end of an up and down era and turners into a new, better era, he’s got a faster and more reliable car, a race win under his belt and more maturity.

  • Amer Hrkic

    Pls name of the second song…and by the way great video..really..i am a biiig fan of his and he is the best driver in the past couple of years..

  • Pengsterr

    Mercedes winner!

  • David Bobby

    Massa and Hamilton are gay for each other haha

  • InsomniaRave

    wouldn’t say ever. Big fan of Lewis Hamilton, but I have to say Mika Hakkinen is up there. Lewis Definitely one of the best though but not THE best.

  • kamil62797

    Vettel sucks!

  • L. Hamilton

    Hamilton is the best and fast driver ever

  • Josh d’Albertanson

    Lewis Hamilton is the best F1 driver ever




    The best F1 driver go leáis


    Sad not to see the on screen action…

  • osvarelar

    I love to see professional drivers in racing simulators!

  • Mika_012397

    ali a doesn’t play sims or racing games except for need for speed with a controller he’s call of duty youtuber. and “sim kid” not everyone has a dad that can afford to get his son into racing for a lot of people sims are the closest they can get to racing and still enjoy it a lot i bet if you put someone that plays realistic race games and is good at them against lewis in a REALISTIC game not dirt3 but iracing or something like that i think the sim guy would beat lewis.

  • pharohbender

    wow he doesn’t blink!

  • ceajay11

    whose the kid

  • ceajay11

    Whose the kid?

  • Philly Supercars

    Ali A- 2 Lewis- 1

  • jjcale1111

    Yeah but Ali does not even look like he is trying hard….

  • Chandler Braaten

    Monster has a small sponsorship with the works Mercedes F1 team which Lewis drives for alongside Nico Rosberg.

  • m15aq

    what was the score then! awesome video btw

  • SmokerFace12

    Awesome! Wish I could race one of them

  • Patrik Harant

    what is behind the wheel please reply

  • serchmarc


  • vesarotv

    The concentration levels where insane, man on a mission

  • vesarotv

    Yes we provided the Head To Head racing experienc eon the main Moonster Energy rig where the public and most of the Moto GP riders came to take part.

  • vesarotv

    Ali A was on the Gadget Show TV program last night, so a lot more people will know who he is now, the biggest Tech shows in the UK

  • John Jones

    You guys did this in partnership with Monster Energy eh? That is cool. I did not realize how involved with all forms of racing Monster is. I went to AMA superbike race like a week ago and Josh Hayes took home first sponsored by Monster Energy. Do they have any sponsorships in F1? Nice setup and thanks for this vid!

  • John Jones

    Yeah its funny because he finally blinks as he crosses the finish line and then holds up the peace sign lol!

  • rosscairns31

    What fud posted “who is Ali-a” you used YouTube before?

  • Callum Costigan

    Lewis got them Air jordan Son of mars Low on spike lee’s inspired jordan joints

  • Kill0rbAg

    Did he just say bad things about the CSW?! O_O
    Why did you cut there?

  • hutti1987

    lewis was “in the zone” 

  • besheer

    You think?

  • BoseATI

    Lewis was playing with alot better hardware, haha.

  • Birddogg6699

    Well Lewis and his brother Nic have a bit of experience with Codemaster’s titles so no surprise there. Nic is the more dedicated Sim Racer and is a physics and handling consultant for Slightly Mad Studios and in development title pCARS. Nic as well is a Pro Driver.

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