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F1 Rumor Mill – 2013 Season Set To Have 2 DRS Zones Per Track?

F1 Rumor Mill – 2013 Season Set To Have 2 DRS Zones Per Track?

There is a rumor currently doing the rounds that surfaced from German “auto moter und sport“  magazine that the 2013 F1 season is set to have 2 DRS zones.

I can’t say whether it is true or not but again time will tell. My opinions on the potential of having 2 DRS zones are in the, “is it really necessary” category. Some circuits by all means yes, definitely put 2 DRS zones in there.

However my main fear is F1 action at its rawest and most exciting is watching drivers hold their nerve and go for it on corners. It’s hard to beat watching a good side by side over take on a corner as the drivers battle for position.

What concerns me is if most tracks have 2 DRS zones then yes it will increase over taking but it may take some of the exhilaration away for the spectator. Drivers may just decide to play it safe on corners and wait for the DRS zone. Things switch up a bit though if say a Red Bull is chasing a Mercedes as history will tell you that the Red Bull doesnt have the greatest straight line speed. Flip that on its head and make it the Mercedes chasing the Red Bull, once you hit that DRS zone if the Mercedes is within a second then its going to zoom right by.

I am all for over taking, but to put 2 DRS zones on every track I think may be slightly overboard. If the powers in charge picked the right tracks to do it at, Circuit de Catalunya among others would be an ideal track for 2 DRS zones, then it really could improve the racing. At every track however I’m not to sure and it may just become a procession waiting on the 2 DRS zones rather than to take a risk and go for an overtake at a turn. Love to hear other peoples thoughts on it?

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